2016 Reading Challenge: March’s progress report

As well as having opportunity to read the new Harlan Coben ahead of it’s release date, March’s reading also introduced me to 5 new authors!

There was a lot of (well deserved!) hype and fabulous reviews about Behind Closed Doors so I just had to get myself a copy and dive in.

I was excited to receive a copy of the #MysteryThriller which I was sworn to secrecy about (and it’s only today that MIRA UK have revealed the title, cover and author – All Is Not Forgotten by Wendy Walker – more detail and my review to come but I can share that it did not disappoint!).
I was part of the blog tour for The Lost and Found Life of Rosy Bennett sharing a review and an excerpt from the book.
To date, I’ve read 15 books so well on track for my 40 books target! I start April reading The Good Mother by A.L. Bird ahead of the blog tour in early April.

One thought on “2016 Reading Challenge: March’s progress report

  1. Hope you enjoy The Good Mother and how lucky are you to be on the blog tour for that one??!! I have read All is not Forgotten as well and am so glad the secret is now out! What a book!!! x


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