2016 Reading Challenge: April’s progress report

My favourite books (cannot choose just one!) was The Second Love of my Life and In Her Wake for different reasons considering they are very different genres!

The Second Love of my Life had me laughing one minute and with a lump in my throat the next. I loved all the characters, and Talting which is a much as a character as the people themselves! The friendship between Rose and Emma is genuine, built upon strong foundations – they are both each others rock.

In Her Wake has a very strong female lead with the majority of the narration focusing on the female characters and the challenges that they have faced overtime. I liked Bella and her desire to take back control of her life from both Elaine and David. Whilst Bella is the lead character, the other female characters do not pale into the background, Jennings has also given them a voice. It is actually difficult to put into words how I felt about this book, the stories from each of the characters are wonderfully interwoven into a novel that is frankly fabulous!

In April, I was part of the blog tours for The Daydreamer Detective (excerpt), The Good MotherOne Moment at SunriseShtum (guest post), A Stranger’s House (promo), In Her Wake and Eden Gardens (guest post)….phew!

Currently Reading:


Ragner Jonasson’s Snowblind is taking me into May and is book 22 of 2016. I’ve been looking forward to reading this book for a while and I’m hoping to have some quality reading time to finish it during the long bank holiday weekend.


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