20 Books of Summer 2016

20 books of summer

I’m joining in with Cathy over at www.746books.com in the challenge of reading 20 books between the 1st June and 5th September. I’m signing up for the full 20 although this could be a push seen as I’m only just beginning to average 7/8 books a month – but I wanted to push myself a little!

My initial thoughts on what to read are:

  1. Willow Walk – SJI Holliday
  2. Dear Amy – Helen Callaghan
  3. The Flower Seller – Ellie Holmes
  4. The Little Village Bakery – Tilly Tennant
  5. The Caller – M A Comley & Tara Lyons
  6. My Girl – Jack Jordan
  7. Last Dance in Havana – Rosanna Ley
  8. Sweet Breath of Memory – Ariella Cohen
  9. Dear Dad – Giselle Green
  10. See How They Run – Tom Bale
  11. Valentina – S E Lynes
  12. Daisy in Chains – Sharon Bolton
  13. Bloq – Alan Jones
  14. The Silent Twin – Caroline Mitchell
  15. Watching Edie – Camilla Way
  16. Unseeing – Anna Mazzola
  17. Lie With Me – Sabine Durrant
  18. The Girl Who Lied – Susan Fortin
  19. The Girl in the Ice – Robert Bryndza
  20. Nightblind – Ragnar Jonasson

What do you think?



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