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Welcome to the Wildflower Bay blog tour!

About the book

Published: 11th August 2016 (Pan Macmillan)9781447265757

Escape into this delicious story of friendship, new beginnings and romance by bestselling author Rachael Lucas.

Isla’s got her dream job as head stylist at the most exclusive salon in Edinburgh. The fact that she’s been so single-minded in her career that she’s forgotten to have a life has completely passed her by – until disaster strikes.

Out of options, she heads to the remote island of Auchenmor to help out her aunt who is in desperate need of an extra pair of scissors at her salon.

A native to the island, Finn is thirty-five and reality has just hit him hard. His best friends are about to have a baby and everything is changing. When into his life walks Isla . . .

My Review

I loved this book and want to move to Auchenmor myself!

Isla is a successful head stylist at a exceptionally upmarket hairdressers in Edinburgh, dresses the part and drives a fabulous red convertible. She has everything that she planned she would have by the time she was 30. Isla had a particularly difficult time at school, the odd one out and the brunt of the bullies jokes – but she was going to show them! That is, until something goes horribly wrong in the salon and she loses her job which in turns means she loses her life as she knows it as everything revolves around it to military precision.

We are transported to the lovely little island of Auchenmor where Isla takes over the looking after of her aunt’s salon for 8 weeks whilst Jessie looks after her daughter on the mainland. Isla isn’t overly impressed looking after a salon that’s speciality in shampoo and sets but she has run out of options. At the start Isla is reserved and standoffish, not knowing how to get along with people who are not sat in her hairdressing chair and not too interested in learning as it’s only temporary. However, she begins to open up to the idea of island life and sees the beauty that is right there in front of, making friendships along the way.

Isla strikes up an unlikely friendship with Ruth, an 80 year old who is much younger in her own mind! Having lost her mother at a young age, Isla looks up to Ruth and enjoys having a female figure in her life. Ruth is a wonderful character in this book, looking out for everyone else and in denial of her own deteriorating health. She’s concerned about Finn and his Lothario ways so is pleased that he has struck up a friendship with Isla – hoping that it will turn into more as she can see what a good influence Isla is upon Finn.

Wildflower Bay is beautifully written, with Auchenmor being as much of a character as the inhabitants themselves – the way that Lucas describes the island makes it sound idyllic! The characters are all very well developed, this is the first book I’ve read from Rachael Lucas, the characters of Finn, Roddy and Kate actually feature in earlier books but I didn’t feel like I’d missed something by meeting them for the first time in Wildflower Bay. I found the use of Scottish language warming, really brought the narrative to life.

I adored Isla and the journey that she goes on; from someone who very much wants to be in control to actually going with the flow and letting people in. Isla is a product of her school experience and is driven by showing them what a success she is, forgetting to enjoy life and pursue what she actually wants.

Wildflower Bay is a wonderful book that is true escapism!

Thank you to Lucie Cuthbertson-Twiggs at Pan for my copy of Wildflower Bay

About the author

Rachael LucasRachael juggles working as an author, coach and freelance writer with the aid of quite a lot of tea. She and her partner (also a writer) live by the seaside in the North West of England with their six children.

She is the author of Wildflower Bay, Coming Up Roses and Sealed With a Kiss.

Website | Twitter |  Facebook | Goodreads | Instagram

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