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Brilliant. Complicated. Psychopath. The Fourth Monkey Cover - UK Edition JD Barker

That’s the Four Monkey Killer or ‘4MK’. A murderer with a twisted vision and absolutely no mercy.

Detective Sam Porter has hunted him for five long years, the recipient of box after box of grisly trinkets carved from the bodies of 4MK’s victims.

But now Porter has learnt the killer’s twisted history and is racing to do the seemingly impossible – find 4MK’s latest victim before it’s too late…

My Review

I honestly do not know where to even begin with committing my thoughts on this book into words – it has been a long time since a book has captivated me so much (right from the get go), made me want to keep turning the pages although, at times, my heart was in my throat with the tension and anticipation as to what was to come.

The Fourth Monkey is going to be absolutely HUGE! It works fantastically well as a novel and I can also see why its film rights have already been snapped up – this will be amazing on the big screen (although I think I’ll be watching it largely from behind a cushion!) .

The Fourth Monkey is a stunning example of a complete psychopath (think Hannibal Lecter level!) who is hell-bent on seeking revenge…but why and towards whom? Detective Sam Porter has been hunting the fourth monkey killer for the last 5 years to no avail, because other than box of gruesome gifts and the deliberate placement of the body when he’s finished, this serial killer leaves no clues, no trace therefore no trail to attempt to follow. After a period of quietness from the 4MK killer, he is back and what ensues is a race against time to save his latest victim.

This book is fast-paced and certainly builds the tension beautifully, at points it is so difficult to read but you can’t actually stop reading! There is one particular scene (which if you’ve read it you’ll know exactly which one I mean!) that I had to pause half way through….as if that was going to stop what was happening!! Barker has a brilliant way of building tension through both the anticipation as to what is to come as well as the psychopathic actions themselves.

As well as the narrative around the current investigation, we are also privy to the 4MK killer through his chilling and extremely disturbing diary entries as Porter is reading through them, trying to find clues as to who they are dealing with – we really get into the mind of this serial killer and his motives.

This book is simply fantastic: chilling,  disturbing, a brilliant complex plot brought to life by a combination of a wonderful flawed protagonist up against an extremely dangerous antagonist.

This book is well and truly deserving of the hype that it is receiving, I look forward to the film adaptation (no pressure then on the scriptwriters and producers to match the exceptional level of this book!) as well as more from J.D.Barker.

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About the Author

JD Barker HeadshotJ.D. Barker (Jonathan Dylan Barker) is an international bestselling American author who’s work has been broadly described as suspense thrillers, often incorporating elements of horror, crime, mystery, science fiction, and the supernatural.

Barker’s indie success, Forsaken, drew the attention of traditional agents and publishers and in early 2016 his debut thriller, The Fourth Monkey, sold in a series of pre-empts and auctions worldwide with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt set to publish in the U.S. and HarperCollins in the UK. The book has also sold for both film and television.

Barker splits his time between Englewood, FL, and Pittsburgh, PA, with his wife, Dayna.

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