Uncoiled Lies – Liz Mistry

Ahead of my stop on the Untainted Blood blog tour tomorrow, I’m sharing my thoughts on book two in the DI Gus McGuire series.

About the book header

Published: 26th January 2017 (Bloodhound Books)51bF6z6jyAL

Uncoiled Lies: a stunning crime thriller from a best-selling author

Murder. Love. Corruption. DI Angus McGuire and the team are back and have their work cut out.

Murdered prostitutes and a turf war between local gangsters takes the investigation into Bradford’s Immigrant communities where tensions run high.

To make matters worse McGuire is juggling an illicit relationship with his boss’s daughter and has fraught family relations.

Who is The Old Man?

What is the link between three dead prostitutes and a long forgotten murder?

Will McGuire and his team get the answers they want or is the uncomfortable truth much closer to home?

My Review

I absolutely loved Liz Mistry’s first book, Unquiet Souls so I was looking forward to reading the second instalment and it didn’t disappoint.

I recommend that you don’t embark on reading Uncoiled Lies until you have read Unquiet Souls as there are lots of references to past relationships and the investigation which was the foundation of book one.

Gus his team are investigating the murders of local prostitutes who work for rival gangsters. What appears to be a turf war opens up a massive can of worms which impacts the team’s investigations. The prologue indicates that there will be a historic reference to the story and this doesn’t take long to start to unravel.

Alongside the investigation, Gus is in a secret relationship with a member of his team who happens to also be his bosses daughter. Sadia is clearly in deep with Gus but they are having to keep their relationship a secret due to her father’s believes and their family culture.

Liz Mistry has tackled two very difficult storylines in one go with Uncoiled Lies, first we have the criminal underworld and prostitution as well as how different cultures and religions can imped who someone can fall in love with.

Uncoiled Lies is an extremely complex book, with lots of strands to the investigation which is handled brilliantly by the author. Once again, Liz Mistry has written a book full of twists and turns which grips right through to the very end.

About the Author

1 (2)I am a crime writer based in Bradford but originally from West Calder in Scotland. I studied at Stirling University and taught in Bradford inner-city Primary schools for many years. I write gritty crime fiction drawing on the richness of Bradford’s diverse cultures and my writing is heavily influenced by Tartan Noir writers such as, Stuart MacBride, Ian Rankin and Val McDermid. I completed an MA in Creative Writing at the brilliant Leeds Trinity University. I currently have three novels published: Unquiet Souls (my debut novel) and Uncoiled Lies and Untainted Blood. I look forward to writing many more featuring my main character DI Gus (Angus) McGuire and his team. I am co-founder and lead blogger with The Crime Warp Blog

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