There Was A Crooked Man – Cat Hogan

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Scott makes enemies everywhere. Powerful people want him dead. He’s coming back toThe Crooked Man cover REVISE-1 Ireland to finish what he started. But first, he must make it out of Marrakech alive.

Jen knows Scott will come back. Every day, she waits. He almost killed her last time and, fuelled by hate and arrogance, he’s not a man to ever just move on. He will kill her and he will kill her young son. But her husband and friends believe she has spiralled into paranoia.

So she knows, when he returns, she’ll face the psychopath alone.

In this powerful thriller, Hogan plunges us into the world and mind of her psychopathic killer from the first line and relentlessly tightens the tension until the very last page.

There Was A Crooked Man was published on the 6th September 2017 by Poolbeg Crimson. Many thanks to the author and the publisher for my copy of the book for review.

My Review

After enjoying They All Fall Down last year, I was thrilled to find out that there was a sequel therefore jumped at the chance to be a part of this blog tour.

There Was A Crooked Man opens with chapters from Scott’s point of view and it’s clear that he is still as dangerous and sadistic as we remember. Cat Hogan literally takes us into the mind of a psychopath and it’s a dark place to be…..but awesome reading! Following the events at the end of They All Fall Down, Scott and Fran have fled to Marrakech but Scott is clearly still making lots of enemies. Alongside the narrative about the criminal underworld that Scott has infiltrated within Morocco, Cat Hogan also provides fabulous descriptions of the hustle and bustle of Marrakech – the reader is practically transported to the riads and souks!

It is clear from the start that we are spiralling to a confrontation between Scott and Jen as there is lots of unfinished business from book one and Scott is still very bitter than Jen has gotten one over him. This apparent showdown actually builds the tension from the start as it makes the read fear what’s to come without knowing when or how it would happen considering Scott’s location.

The author keeps the reader in suspense regarding Jen, Andy and Danny as it’s a good few chapters before we learn about Jen from her perspective rather than Scott’s bitterness! Jen and those around her are still suffering the after effects of They All Fall Down; friendships have been broken, confidence and trust shattered. Cat Hogan takes her reader on an emotional rollercoaster, demonstrating the varying emotions of the main characters.

I think that There Was A Crooked Man could be read as a standalone as the author shares enough of the past events so that any new readers could keep up with the plot however I think it’s best to start with book one to really understand what a nasty piece of work Scott is, the depths that his manipulation goes to.  There Was A Crooked Man is darker than it’s predecessor which is a fabulous move from Cat Hogan – she really gets us into the mind of Scott and the terror that Jen feels on a daily basis. The tension and anxiety it creates is high!

There Was A Crooked Man is the perfect follow-up to the brilliant They All Fall Down – I highly recommend both books!

About the Author

CatHogan--3Cat Hogan was born into a home of bookworms and within spitting distance of the sea. Her father, Pat, a lightship man, instilled in her a love of the sea and the stars. Her mother, Mag, taught her how to read before she could walk.
Writing, storytelling and a wild imagination is part of her DNA.

The beautiful County Wexford, Ireland is home to Cat, her musician partner Dave, two beautiful sons Joey and Arthur, and her tomcat Jim Hawkins. There they live a life of storytelling, song and adventure. The other love of Cat’s life is food. A self-professed foodie, there is nothing she loves more than feeding a houseful of friends round her kitchen table.

When she is not conjuring up imaginary friends, she can be found supporting local musicians and writers of which there is an abundance in her home town. One of her first endorsements for her novel is also her favourite and comes from fellow Wexfordian of Artemis Fowl fame.

‘If the Gone Girl met the Girl on the Train, they would have come up with They All Fall Down’ -Eoin Colfer.


They All Fall Down is a striking, confident start by the latest in a line of Irish female thriller writers, and the Wexford setting is beautifully realised. (7)

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