Autumn at The Cosy Cottage Café – Rachel Griffiths

About the book header

Motherhood has been one of the great blessings of Dawn Autumn at TCCC - Rachel Griffiths.jpgDix-Beaumont’s life but with her children’s growing independence, it’s finally time for Dawn to return to teaching. However, Mother Nature has other ideas…

Rick Beaumont loves his family but he’s busier than ever. With his high-flying career, two children and a third on the way, there’s a lot to juggle.

Battling expectations, disappointments and a few surprises along the way, Dawn and Rick find their commitment to each other tested to the limit. The next steps they take will be the most important of their lives.

So when the pressure mounts and an important decision has to be made, will Dawn and Rick’s marriage become stronger than ever, or will it be time to move in different directions?

This is the second of four short stories in The Cosy Cottage Café series.

My Review

The Cosy Cottage Café series started in the Summer and I loved it – a feel good read set in the beautiful Heatherlea.

For the autumn edition, we are back in Heatherlea and focusing on Dawn and Rick – not to worry though, Allie from the first book is still around and baking her wonderful cakes! Dawn and Rick are, on the outside, the picture of a perfect marriage and family. However an unexpected pregnancy shakes everything up and Dawn is convinced that Rick is hiding something whilst using the excuse of working. What starts with a bit of paranoia for Dawn escalates into her questioning the foundations of her marriage – not great thoughts for a pregnant woman who should be avoiding stress!

Fortunately, Dawn has a strong network around her and once again, the authors writing really focuses on the important of relationships and friendships which give her books a wonderful warm homely feel – these characters feel like your friends.

There are some wonderful, lighthearted and laugh out loud parts in this book…those pesky guinea pigs!

Another fabulous read in the Cosy Cottage Café series which resulted in me moving straight onto book 3…watch this space!





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