Day of the Accident – Nuala Ellwood @NualaWrites @PenguinUKBooks

Sixty seconds after she wakes from a coma, Maggie’s world is torn apart.

The police tell her that her daughter Elspeth is dead. That she drowned when the car Maggie had been driving plunged into the river. Maggie remembers nothing.

When Maggie begs to see her husband Sean, the police tell her that he has disappeared. He was last seen on the day of her daughter’s funeral.

What really happened that day at the river?
Where is Maggie’s husband?
And why can’t she shake the suspicion that somewhere, somehow…

her daughter is still alive?

0An emotional page-turner with amazing characters from the Top Ten bestselling author of My Sister’s Bones, this thriller is perfect for fans of Clare Mackintosh’s I Let You Go and Lisa Jewell’s Watching You.

Day of the Accident is published on the 21st February 2019 by Penguin. Many thanks to the publisher for my copy of the book for this review and for inviting me onto this blog tour.

Day of the Accident is the second book from Nuala Ellwood, her first was My Sister’s Bones which I absolutely loved and was one of my top reads for 2016.

Maggie wakes up from a coma with no recollection as to what happened on that fateful day when her daughter, Elspeth tragically lost her life. However, it also turns out that whilst she was in her coma, her life has changed beyond all recognition; as if the death of her daughter wasn’t devastating enough, her husband Sean has also deliberately and methodically disappeared without a trace leaving Maggie with literally nothing. Understandably, Maggie is desperate for answers, she needs to know what happened to Elspeth and why has Sean left, the snippets of information she does have really do not help and actually create more questions.

Maggie is a fantastic, unreliable narrator who is finding some things out at the same time as the reader. Maggie has clearly had a difficult past which still continues to haunt her and it takes a while for this backstory to unravel….in the greatest of ways! The majority of the book is told from Maggie’s perspective however every so often we hear from someone else through letters which adds another level of dynamic and tension to the overall story.

Maggie is very alone however finds support through her carer, Sonia and local GP, Julia. Both these ladies help Maggie to come to terms with what has happened and to support her going forward. I particularly liked Sonia’s character as she was caring and supportive, not pushing Maggie too hard but being there when she needed her.

Once again, Nuala Ellwood’s writing is fantastic! I was drawn in right from the prologue and kept intrigued right to the very end. Throughout the book I was trying to work out what had happened on that night, why Maggie was there and what the letters had to do with the main narrative. The different streams of the book didn’t start to come together for me until the author decided to start divulging key information!

Day of the Accident is a brilliant psychological read which is a page turner which keeps its reader gripped from the very start right through to the last pages. Highly recommended!

Nuala Ellwood was chosen as one of the Observer’s ‘New Faces of Fiction 2017’ for her first thriller, the bestselling My Sister’s Bones. Nuala teaches Creative Writing at York St John University and lives in the city with her young son. Day of the Accident is her latest novel.

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